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This is me

This is me in the garden office. When I’m feeling important (most of the time) it get’s called by it’s full name: ‘The Shed-Quarters’. So this is where I design and do all the custom anodising. Just little old me on my own creating the best things I can for the best price.

This is my four axis CNC milling machine.

This is where the magic happens and I create the coolest dive gear I can think of. This is in my other shed, though I have no cool name for that, and it’s where designs become reality. Most things start off as a lump of aluminium and get turned into a load of chips and a very cool piece of dive gear. I do use some plastics too (if any one can help me stop using plastics and suggest ideas to make them from Aluminium instead I’ll give you free stuff) but this offends my environmental ideology. Because no matter what people say it’s cool to care about the world we live in.

a four axis cnc machine
A cave diving reel on machining chips from a four axis cnc mill

This is cool dive gear & chips

So this is what cave diving gear looks like when it’s fresh off the mill. A cool part and loads of chips. Luckily Aluminium is infinitely recyclable so I can send those off to be re-used again in the future, hopefully on someone elses super cool inventions.

Moving forwards it’s more than just reels.

  • Dry gloves
  • A Rebreather
  • A Dive Computer
  • A Super Cool Hand-Mounted Dive Torch with an ultra low profile (my pet project at the moment.
  • an more and more

Ultimately I want to build so much cool stuff yet sell it at prices everyone can afford, because technical diving and owning cool stuff should be for everyone.
If you agree then sharing is caring so please spread the word far and wide.