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Custom Unique Dive Gear
Factory Direct Prices

Our Dive Gear Collection

All our products are made in house. We spend our time to make sure they not only look cool and feel great but are rugged and will stand the test of time.
One Piece Handles | Titanium Bolts | Sculpted Finishes | Free Shipping

Our latest custom creations on instagram

If you’re hunting for inspiration then follow us on Instagram. Our latest designs are always showcased there to help you decide how you want your reel to look.

About Me

Two decades ago, I took my first plunge into the world of diving, igniting a passion that would drive me forward. Over time, I found myself drawn not only to the depths of the oceans but also to the art of construction and improvement. My goal is simple: to build dive gear with purpose and enhance with precision.

Leaving behind the familiar, I embraced the challenge of mastering a small CNC machine. Today, equipped with a powerful 4-axis CNC, I have the tools to shape a myriad of materials.

Welcome to my corner of the web, where passion meets craftsmanship. Join me on this journey where each project is a testament to my commitment – a commitment to refining, perfecting, and making things not just functional, but exceptional.

Welcome to Deep in the Dark:


Skanda C

“…I love my blue reel, thank god someone is making them another colour and not just black. They also work amazing and are so smooth…”

Marcus K

“… Your work is amazing!. …”

Tamara A

“…I love the galaxy one with stars..”

At Deep in the Dark we’re on a mission to redefine how you buy dive gear. By selling directly to you and through selected retailers, we’re cutting out the middleman and bringing you the finest, meticulously crafted dive equipment at a fraction of the cost. Why? Because we believe that the thrill of exploring the underwater world should be accessible to all, without compromising on quality or individuality.